Hip Hop Daily!
Latest mixtape releases:

My favourite this month is:

  • Casey Veggies - Life Changes

Other releases this month:

  • YG - Just Re’d Up 2
  • Juelz Santana - God Will’n
  • Acehood - Starvation 2
  • Joe Moses - From Nothing To Something 2
  • Raekwon - Lost Jewelry 
  • Rockie Fresh - Electric Highway 
  • Chip - London Boy

Happy 32nd, AK.


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Andre 3000 at MJQ, 1998 (via)
Www dot i’ll fuck the shit out of her dot com
by Juelz Santana 
My phone clickin’ (click-clickin’!) .. is that you honey? Not you bitch, thought i was talking to the money!
by Juelz Santana
I wanted Eminem for a remix for “Daughters,” but he had already expressed that he’s spoken so much about his daughter throughout his career that he had done that subject too much.
by Nas (via you4eya)